Precision Frac Gives 13-Year-Old Boy “the Best Day of His Life”

Precision Frac & Seattle Seahwaks - Make-a-Wish #12DaysofGiving

One of the most magical days during Precision Frac’s #12DaysofGiving Campaign was Sunday, December 14th when CEO Jared Davis, President Trent Crawford, and Davis’ son Gavin helped give a 13-year-old boy named Daniel “the best day of his life”.

Daniel has a life-threatening congenital anomaly that causes rapid deterioration of his eyesight. Daniel’s “Wish” through Make-a-Wish is to see the Super Bowl. That wish will come true in 2016, but for now, Precision Frac was able to help give Daniel a day he’ll never forget.

Jared and the Precision Frac team brought Daniel — who‘s a huge Seahawks fan — and his family to watch the December 14th Seahawks vs. 49ers game with them from their luxury suite. The result was a blast!

Seahawks Santa, Momma Lynch (the mother of Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch), and the Seahawks’ mascot Blitz joined Daniel and Precision Frac in the suite. Also in the suite were Ring of Honor recipient Jacob Green and life coach Evan Money.

Jared also presented Daniel with a signed CD, helmet, and football from rapper Nelly. Daniel, as it turns out, is a huge Nelly fan. Momma Lynch arranged for the entire crew to go onto the field after the game where Daniel met and got autographs from several Seahawks players, including Marshawn Lynch.

A massive thank you to Momma Lynch, Seahawks Santa, Blitz, Jacob Green, Evan Money, and Make-a-Wish for helping us give Daniel “the best day of his life.” And thank you to the Seahawks for dominating the 49ers on Daniel’s special day.

If you’re looking for a charity that does great work helping make dreams come true for kids with life-threatening illnesses, consider giving to Make-a-Wish.

See more pictures from our epic day with Daniel and the Seahawks on our Facebook Page. You can follow Precision Frac on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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